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This was my 11th trip to the Dominican Republic on a two week medical mission through the Medical Ministry International.  In this picture I am Painting a boy’s head with Gentian Violet to help kill a fungus. 

Fungal and parasitic infections are very common in Third World countries where hygiene is poor and access to clean water is limited.  Our goal is to not just treat infections, but to also prevent the spread of disease and future infestations by providing health education.

The medical team loads up the supplies and donated medication on an old yellow school bus and travels to a different village every day to set u p a clinic in a church or school building (or any other available facility).  We treat a variety of illnesses including the usual chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. 

Volunteering to treat the underserved is a remarkably rewarding experience and is life changing.  The medications we distribute will last only a few short weeks but the smiles and hugs will last a lifetime.  Just showing that we care is a large part of the healing process and is really what osteopathic medicine is all about.

Vicky Moots, D.O.

Dr. Moots is a Family Practitioner at the Donley Clinic in Kingman, Kansas.

NOTE:  In addition to the photograph showing Dr. Moots treating a boy for fungus, there are photographs of the village where Dr. Moots volunteered her professional services and personal kindness.

Dr. Moots Dr. Moots

Dr. Moots Dr. Moots

Dr. Moots







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