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Click here for pictures of the Andrew Still Memorial Park.

The Kansas Osteopathic Foundation is a 501©3 organization existing for purposes of education and services to the public and to members of the osteopathic profession in Kansas.  All members of the Kansas Association of Osteopathic Medicine are also members of the Kansas Osteopathic Foundation (KOF).

The KOF office is in the same building as the Kansas Association of the Osteopathic Medicine, 1260 SW Topeka Blvd., Topeka, KS 66612.

KOF is governed by a nine member Board of Trustees.  Current members are as follows:

Kansas Osteopathic Foundation

President Roger D. Unruh, D.O.
Vice President Cameron D. Knackstedt, D.O.
President KAOM Nathan Knackstedt
President-elect KAOM David Joes
Member M. Myron Leinwetter, D.O.
Member Ronald N. Whitmer, D.O.
Member Lawrence R. Will, D.O.
Senior Member James V. Rider, D.O.
Secretary Bob Williams
Treasurer Harold E. Riehm

The Board meets in regular session twice a year in conjunction with the CME meetings of KAOM, and other times as needed.  The plenary session of the Foundation is conducted at the fall CME meeting of KAOM, immediately following the KAOM House of Delegates.

KOF is funded totally by contributions from its members, other individuals, and institutions with an interest in enhancing understanding and servicing the Osteopathic profession.

A current major project of KOF is construction of the Andrew Still Memorial Park, next to the KAOM office building in Topeka.  The Park will provide information regarding the founder of Osteopathic Medicine who at the time of developing those principles of Osteopathy lived in Kansas, in what now is Baldwin City.

KOF invites all members and interested persons to purchase an engraved brick to be placed in the Park as a lasting memorial to yourself or a loved one.  Bricks cost $125.00 and may be engraved with up to three lines with a maximum of 18 letters and spaces per line. 

For additional information regarding this project, purchasing a brick or any other matters related to KOF, please contact Harold Riehm at the address and phone numbers listed above or HDRiehm@aol.com



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Kansas Association of Osteopathic Medicine
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