Membership Dues Structure

KAOM Membership Application

Active Member:

KAOM offers newly licensed DOs a prorated membership dues of $300 for the first year, $300 for the second year, and $600 the third and subsequent years. KAOM also offers members the opportunity to make quarterly payments of $150. For more information contact Vicki Whitaker at or by phone at 785 234 5563.


Active Member Dues:

Active Member

Active Member deployed for active military duty: $0.00




United Member:

Active Member who is also an active member of the Kansas Medical Society: $450.00



Faculty or Affiliate Member:

Faculty or Affiliate Member: $300.00



Associate Member:

Associate Members: $100.00



Indigent Clinic:

Active Member employed full time by a clinic for medically indigent patients: $100.00




Retired Osteopathic Physician: $200.00



Intern of Resident Member:

(Doctor of Osteopathy engaged in residency training): $0.00




Student Member:

(Student enrolled at any accredited college of osteopathic medicine): $0.00




Honorary Member:

(Elected by two-thirds vote of the KAOM House of Delegates): $0.00




Inactive Member:

(Active member for at least five years who is temporarily disabled and not earning income from practice): $0.00




Sustaining Member:

(Active members who wish to pay more than the regular dues rate): $700.00







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